Lennart Lovdin Nyckelharpa Craftsman Lennart Lovdin is an Australian-based Nyckelharpa craftsman.


Lennart grew up close to the nyckelharpa heartland in Sweden. He built his first nyckelharpa in 1982 as a subject in a woodworking course. After a long break while the kids grew up, he started building again some years ago. He likes to customise the various details and decorations of his nyckelharpas for the future owner.




 Nyckelharpa Craftsman

Even though a Nyckelharpa is made up of well over 100 individually shaped pieces of wood, the final result is still more than the sum of the pieces. It is always exciting to add the last piece and start playing. It then becomes an individual with its own personality. 


Lennart plays the nyckelharpa in a small Brisbane based band called Kupaleja.



  • New Instruments of Traditional/Own Design

  • Customised details and decorations

  • 37 - 52 keys

  • Restorations and repairs

  • Traditional or Australian timber

  • Enquiries welcome